10 October 2019

Kate Bright founded a company representing elite female security professionals, UMBRA International, and more recently spoke about invisible security at a TEDx Talk. We sat down with Kate to find out what luxury she never travels without, the most memorable travel experience she's ever had and her ultimate travel mantra...

*Brand of luggage and why?

Away - love their personalization and practicality 

Kate Umbra Travel Interview

and STOW: - I never go anywhere without the Travel Tote!

Kate Umbra Travel Interview

*What luxury do you never travel without?

-Jasmina Vico preps my skin before I leave (when she’s not busy looking after the A list like Jodie Comer) and always gives me Zo Skin brightening masks for when I travel

-International WIFI - a luxury and a safety necessity.

*Three must haves in your carry on?

-Sunglasses. Always FINLAY

Kate Umbra Travel Interview

-mophie Juice pack and international plug adaptor,

-again: WIFI, both a luxury and necessity to stay in touch with my clients

*Early to airport or skin of your teeth?

Always early - working with some of the best close Protection teams in the business they instilled a sense of ‘Lombardi time’ in me inspired by the legendary sports coach Vince Lombardi. Always be early.

*Favourite airline and why?

Emirates for Middle East trips, United for USA and virgin for clubhouse access pre-flight. Fly victor or Shy for private.

*What shoes do you travel in?

Ash trainers, converse hi top or my silver MM8’s.

*What’s on your travel reading list at the moment?

The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life

Emilie Bellet’s excellent You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich

*Favourite hotel in the world?

Mandarin wherever I go

Espa life Corinthia to hide when in London

Kate Umbra Travel Interview

Majakezi for opulent relaxation, and anywhere with a Bodyism spa

*First thing you do in a hotel room?

-I am a creature of habit – if I’m at a Mandarin hotel, I see what new inroom yoga classes have been added & check in with any new safety procedures & protocol : a reflex instinct from my work.

*Hotel shampoo and conditioner, or...?

-Charlie At Hari’s hair always makes me travel with step3 olaplex. 

*Favourite brand of sunscreen?

I love Vitamin D, and so that I don’t undo all of Jasmina’s hard work I wear factor 50 always.

Safari or beach?

-Ideally Both – Thanda Safari captured my heart, but I’m a Californian beach bum in another lifetime. Mozambique is next on the list to combine my two loves.

Kate Umbra Travel Interview

Top city escape and any insider tips?

LA - escape to Malibu, Barcelona and the fun of Sitges, Capetown for 12 apostles beach

+ go and be shown by locals in new places.

*Favourite restaurant from your travels?

-All the vineyards in South Africa, Kong in Paris, Brasserie Lipp in Geneva, Beach House, Malibu

Kate Umbra Travel Interview

*Where do you long to go next?

-I'd love to go to Azerbaijan - Baku fascinates me and I’ve got to ski in Japan before I die.

*Best purchase made abroad?

-Always experiences

*If there’s one museum that can’t be missed?

-I think my home town of London as a city is a living museum – wherever in the world I am, particularly the US I will make a point to watch something sporting, or check and see which bands are in town. Music and Sport are my Culture and Art.

*What do you think is the best quality in a travel companion’?

-I think the same characteristics as I'd value in people around me - life is a journey and I love people with resilience and humour. Some of my best trips have been travelling alone, when you’re your own best companion you can navigate around in a unique way and meet new people in a different way.

*Funniest travelling experience or most memorable journey you’ve ever had?

-I’m very lucky to have had some amazing experiences but probably my charity trek across Peru when I was 23 with the charity Scope - Tony Hadley was in our group and we sang Gold and True most days on our 10 day trek - the poor guy...

*What would you like to see in the future for travel?

-Even more personalised and safer ways to travel: it means so much to have nothing between you and the experience in total safety.

*Finally - your ultimate travel mantra?

-'Look around look beyond look within' - travelling is always an inner journey too!

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