Travel Lifestyle Interview Series: Ruth Kennedy

Travel Lifestyle Interview Series: Ruth Kennedy

8 April 2019
Travel Lifestyle Interview Series: Ruth Kennedy

Brand of luggage and why?
Eastpak but I dream of Rimowa

What luxury do you never travel without?
Bamford cashmere scarf – the ultimate in comfort

Three must haves in your carry on?
Lipsyl, laptop and Love Actually

Early to airport or skin of your teeth?
Early – I love airports and I do some of my best work there!

Favourite airline and why?
British Airways. My parents were diplomats so we flew a lot and I have to fly the flag out of nostalgia!

What shoes do you travel in?
Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. All those women wearing heels – are they crazy?!

What’s on your travel reading list at the moment?
The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

Favourite hotel in the world?
Belmond Splendido in Portofino

First thing you do in a hotel room?
Rearrange the furniture

Hotel shampoo and conditioner, or...?
Blowdry in a local salon

Favourite brand of sunscreen? 
Biotherm – it has a wonderful smell of freshly cut lemons

Safari or beach?
Safari – I was in Botswana in January and it was a phenomenal experience

Top city escape and any insider tips? 
Cape Town. I would start the day at Oranjezicht Market, then to Pot Luck Club for lunch followed by a snooze in the garden at the Mount Nelson

Favourite restaurant from your travels?
Scorpios in Mykonos – Carole Bamford took me there last summer and I loved it

Where do you long to go next?

Best purchase made abroad?
Two beautiful paintings on silk of a bride and groom from Jaipur - total cost £14

If there’s one museum that can’t be missed?
Right now it’s the National Museum of Qatar in Doha designed by Jean Nouvel which opened this month. At home it’s the divine V&A

What do you think is the best quality in a travel companion’?

Funniest travelling experience or most memorable journey you’ve ever had?
When I was fourteen and my brother was twelve we were travelling to Angola which required an overnight stay in Paris near Charles de Gaulle. We were given a gift voucher for £30 to spend on dinner, but we spent it on gin and tonics, overslept and missed our flight to Luanda. We had no money whatsoever and had to blag our way on to a flight to Orly, then to Lisbon, and then to Luanda. My dad wouldn’t speak to us for 3 days.

What would you like to see in the future for travel?
Improved air conditioning – air quality on flights is terrible

Finally - your ultimate travel mantra?
Clichéd, but it would be “seize the day”

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