British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

22 February 2019
British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

The Rainforest of British Colombia, known as the ‘Amazon of the North’, contains 25% of the remaining intact temperate rainforest in the world; one of the planet’s most special and unique ecosystems. At 25,000 square miles, the region runs 250 miles down Canada's immaculate west coast and encompasses a vast network of mist-shrouded fjords, densely forested islands and glacier-capped mountains. Pure wilderness to be explored.

British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

The rainforest is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife, as are the seas around the islands off the West Coast of Canada, which play host to a great many cetacean species. Exploring the region by luxury yacht, wildlife sightings include humpback, fin and Killer Whales, Steller’s sea lions and Dall’s porpoises. Discovering the region by boat provides a rare experience to observe these incredible species in their natural habitat.

British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

Unusual accommodation adds to the extraordinary experiences that we arrange in the region. Stay aboard a converted WW2 uboat hunter, either taking a full charter or just an individual cabin, searching for the creatures that call the rainforest home. Spend days completely immersed in nature, hiking old forest trails in search of bears and kayaking through remote fjords hugging the shoreline. Visit historic First Nations cultural sites and remote villages, learning about the history of travel and civilisation in the region. Alternatively, for those who’d rather be based on dry land, stay in a rustic lodge, heading out on daily adventures by zodiac or helicopters for wildlife viewing.

British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

Our explorations of the Great Bear Rainforest are especially designed to focus on wildlife, so as much time as possible is spent searching for bears and viewing humpback whales. With options to entertain children and adults alike, British Columbia is not short of adventurous activities and makes for the perfect multi-generational trip.

Contact our specialists for dates, costs & inclusions for cabin or full charters, or land-based itineraries.

British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest British Colombia - The Great Bear Rainforest

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