Why I Love My Tranverz Eastpak Bags...

Why I Love My Tranverz Eastpak Bags...

3 April 2015
Why I Love My Tranverz Eastpak Bags...

My super stylish interior designer friend, Samantha Todhunter introduced me to Eastpak bags a few years back. As we trundled through the airport, she and her two children had Eastpak luggage rolling gently along behind them. The fact that Sam is the ultimate Queen of Style anyway made me think this warranted further investigation.

I started with a medium sized one (midnight navy), then bought a small one (chocolate brown) and then completed the trio by buying the biggest one (midnight navy).

I love them for many reasons because they are not ridiculously expensive, are tough and lightweight and they come in a huge range of colours from pink squirls or army camouflage, to grey flannel to good old plain red, black or navy blue to mention but a few.

If you are a multi Eastpak owner, you can easily fit one inside the other and therefore they do not occupy too much storage space.

Packing is a dream as they have two zip up compartments, one on either side of the bag, plus a zipped pocket on the outside. So imagine you are going skiing and have a big bag – ski kit including helmet on one side and regular clothes, toiletries etc. in the other. Coming home, if you have not had access to a washing machine or are too mean to use what can be the expensive hotel laundry service, then one side is for unclean clothes.

When you have finished packing, have closed the two zipped up sections to become the one bag and then find you have inevitably left out your bag of chargers, or in my case, it is always my hairbrush (god forbid that would not be good), you just open the top and stuff the elusive item in between the two compartments. Easy. I stuffed a bottle of Ruinart in the middle recently and it survived.

The wheels are shhhhh, quiet, they roll along the ground effortlessly and smoothly. The handle is the perfect length for a five foot nine inch tall me and they have handles all over to help lift the bag on and off luggage carousels.

I travel so much now that lugging a shoulder bag around with my mobile office is physically stressful on the old shoulder and neck, so my small chocolate coloured Eastpak one has all my work paraphernalia, documents, magazines on one side, my travel pillow and travel duvet from Brookstone, cashmere wrap, headphones in the other and my laptop and kindle in the front zipped pocket so I can get them out easily going through security. I can put my handbag, which is a Kelly Bag style over the handle, and it sits securely on top so I can just pull it around easily. On a low cost airline, I take a small crossbody bag and stuff it in between the compartments until I am on board the plane.

You can get them directly from Eastpak (they often have good sales and it features their entire range of bags). I bought mine from Amazon, who seem to have the best deals. Small bags start from £95, medium from £120, and the large ones start from £130. Trust me, they are worth it!

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