Travel Lifestyle Interview Series: Tracey Woodward

Travel Lifestyle Interview Series: Tracey Woodward

18 January 2019
Travel Lifestyle Interview Series: Tracey Woodward

Brand of luggage and why? 

I use two types, Tumi and LV, it just depends on how long I am away for and where I am stopping. Sometimes I can do more than 10 cities in a month. In Asia for example we have 16 markets.

Tumi Luggage

What luxury do you never travel without? 

My AA miniature collection and my body and face brush.

My AA miniature collection and my body and face brush.

Three must haves in your carry on? 

Eye mask, earphones and cashmere wrap.

Early to airport or skin of your teeth? 

Early. I hate to be stressed, so I am afraid I plan everything. 

Favourite airline and why? 

Virgin, as they act like they remember you and familiarity to me is everything. When travelling, long haul is rewarding and lonely at the same time, especially if you’re a business traveller like me and without fail always on a plane, weekly at times, so often I really connect with staff. 

What shoes do you travel in? 

Nike Velowrap - they are like the no-shoe shoes...  I love now that casual wear is good looking and comfortable, I always dress casually now and the perfect cashmere sweater and socks are always on my to-buy list.. 

What’s on your travel reading list at the moment?

Any book on the gut and Michelle Obama – I’m off to her book launch in London... I love listening to podcasts too: How She Does It and Desert Island Discs are my go to.

Favourite hotel in the world? 

Can I have two? Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong and Palazzo Della Fonte in Italy 

First thing you do in a hotel room? 

Wash my face and hands and unpack with a pot of tea. I always try to go for a walk too to accustom to the time zone 

Hotel shampoo and conditioner, or...? 

Yes, we ship 126 million units of amenities world-wide and our shampoo and conditioner is great, but I generally have blow-dries wherever I am.

Favourite brand of sunscreen? 

Sisley, the most natural and effective I have ever used

Makanyi Lodge

Safari or beach?

It’s always going to be action for me: Safari. Makanyi Lodge is my favourite place to be for the stars and treks... 

Makanyi Lodge

Top city escape and any insider tips? 

I love all city travel and our brand is in so many. My top tip is to find out where the locals eat and also take a fitness class, and find the local park.  

Favourite restaurant from your travels? 

Firenze Buca Dell’Orafo

Where do you long to go next? 

The Galápagos Islands 

Best purchase made abroad?

In Hong Kong there is a great children’s store for the prettiest clothes for my nieces and nephews. I love going to street markets for food and leather, luxury for me now is not about buying loads of stuff, but I love the atmosphere of markets, the energy and humility of the people.

Rodin Museum

If there’s one museum that can’t be missed? 

Paris Musée Rodin - I love the gardens and the love I feel when there. Paris is a beautiful place.

What do you think is the best quality in a travel companion? 

Sharing the same joys and sense of adventure. 

Grand Canyon

Funniest travelling experience or most memorable journey you’ve ever had?

Travelling to the Maldives with my daughter, it was so bonding for us. And prior to that would be a tour of the Grand Canyon with my son, we did the north and south rim and white water rafted down the hoover dam, then completed the trip with a helicopter trip. It was amazing, we even took a greyhound bus from there to Flagstaff that was an eye opener for sure... 1997 I was terrified, my 6-year-old son was not... 

What would you like to see in the future for travel?

My luggage. I hate packing it’s the hardest thing for me to do.

Finally - your ultimate travel mantra?

Go open minded and treat people well. You’re a visitor in their country. I love walking and I have often ended in places that I shouldn’t be in... 


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