Travel Products We Love

Travel Products We Love

14 August 2018
Travel Products We Love

These items will be your prized travelling companions as you explore the world; some for comfort, others for practicality and a few just for your own style. Take a look at the hottest brands in travel, but shhh... let's keep these between us! 

These items will be your prized travelling companions as you explore the world; some for comfort, others for practicality and a few just for your own style. Take a look at the hottest brands in travel, but shhh... let's keep these between us! 

SORBET: 'Hammamas' are perfect for beach holidays and incredibly versatile. I use mine as a sarong or beach towel after swimming, and pillow on short plane journeys. They absorb water faster than normal towels, are fast drying and wrap up very small, which is great for packing light. I have a white one for the beach and never travel without it. TAKE ME THERE

K. JACQUES: Loved by the gorgeous Gisele Bündchen and founded in Saint Tropez, K. Jacques sandals are made using high-quality leather by expert designers. The K. Jacques look is effortlessly stylish with bold colours and chic cuts. Ranging from glamorous gladiator sandals to relaxed beach slip-ons, K. Jacques are as useful for moseying around a seaside town shopping as they are for attending a smart dinner in a warm climate. These aren't cheap, but last forever, so they're so worth it and I find I wear mine to anything and everything. K. Jacques also custom-design sandals if you don't want to be spotted wearing the same as somebody else! TAKE ME THERE

LOUIS VUITTON: I am yet to find a holdall that is as perfect for my airplane hand luggage as my Louis Vuitton 'carryall' bag given to me as a present. The size is perfect, slipping over the handle of my Eastpak roller bag so it's easy to carry without straining the neck and shoulders. It's lightweight and spacious enough for extra layers, as well as my laptop, book, camera, kindle, Bose headphones and anything else I might need with me during a flight. Being soft-sided you can squash the carryall into tight spaces and they're such good quality material and manufacturing that they last for years. I know these bags are expensive but they last a lifetime, are super chic and sturdy, perfect for travel and I couldn't recommend them more highly. TAKE ME THERE

LA ROCHE-POSAY: Finding a sun cream that not only protects but also nourishes the skin, particularly if you are sensitive to products, has taken years of me trialling almost every brand available. I now have a go-to in La Roche-Posay sun cream, as it never irritates my sensitive skin or stings my eyes! The company are always researching with expert dermatologists and offer skin-care workshops and consultations. Finally, a company that you can trust that actually cares about sun-damage! TAKE ME THERE

ERES: Parisian fashion house, ERES, designs chic swimwear collections to emphasize the femininity of the body and show off women in a beautiful, sporty light, with a natural and simple look. Selling tops and bottoms separately, you can choose pieces in different styles and sizes. The soft fabric is so comfortable, supportive and stretches to fit the body like a second skin. I love their colour palette and little embellishments – treat yourself, you won’t regret it. Always take more than you think, minimum three for your beach holiday wardrobe, as you'll be in them all day. Whichever neckline you prefer, stick to that when buying multiple swimsuits so that you avoid a variety of different tan lines! TAKE ME THERE

LIZ EARLE: Whilst most hotels provide shampoo and conditioner, most of them are pretty awful, and you just can't always rely on these to be good quality. I always travel with Liz Earle’s Botanical Shine shampoo and conditioner, and their Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil. These will give your hair the extra-nourishment it needs whether it's being exposed to more sunlight than usual, high humidity or air-con in the hotel room. It's so important when travelling to use products that counteract the damage that changing environments can cause. I love Liz Earle because everything is organic and tried and tested. TAKE ME THERE

BOSE: Noise-cancelling headphones from BOSE are my serious must have on a flight. It will change your travelling experience for good! Blocking out the sound of a roaring engine or crying children(!), the headphones will help you sleep on a long-haul flight or finish any work without distraction. They're also wireless, so no more hassle of unravelling wires and they're great for watching movies and forgetting everyone else around you (so you might find yourself crying loudly at a sad part in a movie). They're also incredibly comfortable with a cushioned rim - expensive but worth it. Thank you to BOSE for making travelling a thousand times more pleasant! TAKE ME THERE

MOPHIE:  Not all planes have access to inflight plugs yet, and if you're travelling for work or even if you're just planning on reading a book or watching a film on your iPad, Mophie Powerstation chargers allow you much longer battery life so that you don't land in a new country with a dead phone and no way of communicating. You can also take as many pictures as you like from your phone and know that you can easily charge it - great news on safari or if you are skiing and are out all-day long. Mophie have lots of different options, from chargers that wrap around your phone like a case, to external battery packs which contain multiple charges that you can plug your devices into. TAKE ME THERE

WYSE LONDON: One of my favourite brands is Wyse London, which uses high-quality, responsibly sourced cashmere and merino wool to design cool jumpers and tracksuits in shapes that suit everyone, never plain or boring and always affordable. The styles are simple, always with a bit of fun from a pop of colour to a sequinned pattern or metallic thread. Change into your Polly Stars and Stripes Merino Bomber and Joggers as soon as you get on the plane to get really comfy and cosy. TAKE ME THERE

Ion8: There’s no excuse to travel without the environment in mind! I rarely buy plastic water bottles anymore unless I am desperate. I am sure it has saved me a fortune too. I highly recommend switching to Ion8 reusable water bottles, which are leak-proof and come in all sizes (so for kids too), they come in great colours, plus they are dishwasher proof for cleaning. You can fill them up in the airport at water fountains or the lounge before flying to keep hydrated on the plane. Amazon prime deliver. TAKE ME THERE

JOSH ROSEBROOK: Josh’s Skin Care range comes in travel-size bottles (2OZ), is great for keeping your skin hydrated whilst on the move, travelling to different climates and being exposed to the sun or intense air-con. Josh is passionate about using pure plant products to support true skin health. I love the hydrating accelerator, which feels like you’re rubbing nutrients straight into the skin – its ingredients include vitamin-infused aloe water and rich antioxidants. TAKE ME THERE

CLOE CASSANDRO: Bali-inspired luxury beachwear made of ethically-sourced silk chiffon fabrics, hand-dyed and printed by Balinese artisans. Cloe’s products are all beautiful and her use of traditional Batik designs makes every item feels unusual and special – just what you want to wear on holiday. Her kaftans are my particular favourites - you can never pack too many! Perfect for hot countries - slip a kaftan over your bikini to walk to the beach and keep your shoulders out of the sun, still allowing your body to breathe. The Cloe Cassandro Maxi Kaftan called Luna is my must-have on a beach holiday. TAKE ME THERE

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