North America and the Great National Parks

We love the bustling metropolises of North America, where from New York to Los Angeles you’re treated with fabulous art and culture, superb shopping, luxurious hotels and fine dining.

However, a trip to North America wouldn’t be complete without discovering its most beautiful and breathtaking assets, the great national parks. Astounding scenery comes in the form of vast canyons, towering waterfalls, colourful cliffs and bubbling geysers - photographers will delight. Yosemite has some of the most amazing hiking in the world and you can spot wildlife such as elk and bison, rare birdlife and beautiful flora – we couldn’t recommend it more highly for an outdoors adventure and a real sense of perspective. 

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Sarah Mason

Every time I explore a new destination, whether it’s on an adventure holiday in Peru or a luxury beach escape in the Indian Ocean, I return home full of excitement to share the amazing sights I have seen. Through my own experiences I have developed a love of helping others experience the great wonders of the world; truly getting under the skin of the extraordinary destinations that are at your fingertips. Getting the details right, from which hotel is perfectly located for exploring away from the crowds, to which local guide is most knowledgeable on history or culture or art, is of paramount importance to me. I am constantly seeking out new and exciting experiences and exploring off the beaten track to ensure my clients are receiving the best and most honest first-hand advice.

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