South America

What truly defines South America is its cultural and geographical diversity, which is the strength and beauty of its offering to those keen to explore its mysterious and extraordinary lands.

From region to region, the wonders to discover are endless. You can take an intrepid hike through thick jungles spotting Jaguar and rare endemic birdlife in Brazil; discover the majestic ruined cities of ancient civilisations in Peru; ride horses with gauchos across vast planes in the stunning wilderness of Patagonia, or take in the rich culture, art, architecture, music and cuisine all there to be indulged in incredible cities such as Buenos Aires, Lima and Rio de Janeiro. South America has started opening up to the world, but with so much to see and do, uncovering its magic with the knowledge of an expert guide is invaluable. Our passionate team of experts will ensure you enjoy the most unique hotels and experiences off the beaten track on your South American journey – what better a way to get under the skin of this mystical continent.

Ecuador & The Galapagos

8 January 2018

Touch down in Quito and head straight into the colonial heart of one of South America's most historically rich cities. Exploring beautiful architecture, splendid churches and cobble-stone streets by foot, haggling in craft markets and tasting local delicacies (dare you try a Guinea Pig? I didn’t!) is the perfect introduction into Latino life. But Quito is really the launch pad into the natural wonders of rural Ecuador…

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M/V Evolution – Luxury Galapagos Cruise

5 January 2018

M/V EVOLUTION features spacious king-sized cabins and ample deck space for drinking in beautiful Galapagos island views. A wonderful team of expert guides treat you to a spoiling sail through one of the world's most wildlife-rich archipelagos on an eye-watering 8-day itinerary. You’re guaranteed extraordinary wildlife encounters and ocean adventures from kayaking to snorkelling and hiking on remote islands.

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Casa Gangotena

2 January 2018

Casa Gangotena is a stunningly restored colonial mansion in the heart of Quito's historic centre, with balconies overlooking the picturesque Plaza San Francisco. This hotel really is hard to beat - it offers the most luxurious stay in the city; the atmosphere is intrinsically traditional and elegant interiors are adorned with beautiful art, antiques, original frescoed ceilings and opulent furnishings of chandeliers and Egyptian marble columns, transporting you to a bygone era.

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Sarah Mason

Every time I explore a new destination, whether it’s on an adventure holiday in Peru or a luxury beach escape in the Indian Ocean, I return home full of excitement to share the amazing sights I have seen. Through my own experiences I have developed a love of helping others experience the great wonders of the world; truly getting under the skin of the extraordinary destinations that are at your fingertips. Getting the details right, from which hotel is perfectly located for exploring away from the crowds, to which local guide is most knowledgeable on history or culture or art, is of paramount importance to me. I am constantly seeking out new and exciting experiences and exploring off the beaten track to ensure my clients are receiving the best and most honest first-hand advice.

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