Japan: Traditions, Customs & Cultural Highlights

Japan: Traditions, Customs & Cultural Highlights

5 February 2019
Japan: Traditions, Customs & Cultural Highlights

Discover the Importance of Tea in Japan... 

Ippodo Tea Shop - In Kyoto, visit Ippodo tea shop, set in an old, atmospheric wooden building. The experience is great fun and gives a sense of the history of tea in Japan. The staff know their tea inside out, explaining each one in detail and pointing out the differences between their taste and their production. Meeting this team and experiencing their extensive knowledge highlights just how much the Japanese value specialism.

Uji - For serious tea lovers, take a drive 30-minutes south of Kyoto to the town of Uji, which is the home of Japanese green tea. Pop into a variety of shops which sell vast numbers of green tea products and explore the town’s famous Byodoin Temple.

A Traditional Tea Ceremony - A traditional tea ceremony is of course a wonderful experience and very important in Japanese culture. Watch the preparation and presentation of matcha green tea and experience typical Japanese hospitality. We’ll advise on how and where to experience this authentically.

Japanese Cuisine...

Fish Market - The fish market in Tokyo, which has recently moved to a new site, is the perfect place to visit to get an idea of the sheer volume of fish eaten in Japan as well as the outstanding diversity. Pick up delicious fresh sushi in the excellent street food stands in the vicinity and wander around taking in all the trade stalls where produce is prepared and sometimes even sold at auction.

Japan: Traditions, Customs & Cultural Highlights

Restaurants – Japan’s cuisine is spectacular and everywhere you travel there are speciality restaurants, low-key food stalls and unique dining experiences. Enjoy the freshest and most inventive menus in traditional settings or go a little wild in one of the themed restaurants. Dine in a robot themed restaurant with a robot show or a prison themed restaurant dining in private cells: it’s just another way that Japan likes to do quirky unlike anywhere else.

Japan: Traditions, Customs & Cultural Highlights

Supermarkets – This may sound odd but find time to visit a Japanese supermarket. How the Japanese converse, how they hand over money, even how produce is wrapped are all customs that are entirely alien to us and it’s these small experiences that add so much to a journey through Japan, getting under the skin of its unique culture.

Japan: Traditions, Customs & Cultural Highlights

Cultural Highlight in Kyoto...

Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto – The Philosopher’s Path is a lovely walking or cycling route through a residential area of Kyoto. It’s an opportunity to take in different architectural styles as well as dropping in on art galleries, cafes and boutique shops along the way. The walk is particularly attractive in the snow, during the cherry blossoms or autumn foliage.

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