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I believe that nothing in the world can provide as much solace as a trip to the mountains.

That all-encompassing sense of freedom as you gaze out over all that space, with the majestic scenery of these natural phenomena all around, is the most wonderful form of therapy. Then the added thrill of the adventure that mountains provide, as you clip into your skis and whoosh down soft and glistening white powdery slopes in the heart of nature, is utterly exhilarating. All this enhanced by the glorious promise of delicious wholesome food, fine wine and a warming fire waiting for you at the end of a satisfying day embracing the elements - I can think of nothing better. In some of the most gorgeous vantage points in the mountains lie beautiful hideaway hotels promising luxury and exclusivity.

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16 April 2015

I have just spent four days with friends in Verbier. I love skiing in Switzerland, it is just so easy to get everywhere by train, and the journey to Verbier is beautiful along the shores of Lake Geneva. It feels a lot less hassle than renting a car at Geneva Airport, which involves heaving luggage onto a bus for a short ride from the airport to the rental car, pick up and drop off. Taking the train does take about three and a half hours, so longer than driving which is two hours but it costs less and once you are in the resort, the buses which are free, run around the on a regular timetable so it is easy to get around. It takes about ten minutes to walk from the Place Centrale to the Médran where the main gondola is. Alternatively and less stressful, cutting down the journey time, take the train to Martigny which takes just under two hours and we can organise a car service from there which takes 40 minutes.

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Sarah Mason

Every time I explore a new destination, whether it’s on an adventure holiday in Peru or a luxury beach escape in the Indian Ocean, I return home full of excitement to share the amazing sights I have seen. Through my own experiences I have developed a love of helping others experience the great wonders of the world; truly getting under the skin of the extraordinary destinations that are at your fingertips. Getting the details right, from which hotel is perfectly located for exploring away from the crowds, to which local guide is most knowledgeable on history or culture or art, is of paramount importance to me. I am constantly seeking out new and exciting experiences and exploring off the beaten track to ensure my clients are receiving the best and most honest first-hand advice.

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